Earth911: A newsletter that helps you help the planet

Day 31Earth911 has an abundance of useful information for those looking to make changes or those wanting to continue to live a life of sustainability. If you’re looking for a recycling location, Earth911 can help. If you’re looking for suggestions on how to recycle, Earth911 can help. If you’re looking for ways to make better purchases that will not harm the planet, but can actually help it, Earth 911 can help.

The Earth911 newsletter has been invaluable when it comes to providing useful information. I have found numerous helpful articles.

Send Your Pill Bottles to Do Some Good – Now that I take a daily allergy medicine, there is no doubt that the prescription bottles will start piling up. I now have a place where I can send them and help others!

Recycling Mystery: Kitchen Sponges and Scouring Pads – This article gave me suggestions on what to use instead of popular kitchen sponge, which isn’t easily recyclable and they add to the microplastic problem endangering our waterways.

How to Recycle Your Old Cookware – The Earth911 articles give helpful tips on how you can divert countless household items from the landfill.

If you’re looking for another resource to help guide you on your journey to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, then be sure to signup for the Earth911 newsletter (found on their homepage).

Tomorrow, taking up a collection for the troops.

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