Blueland: Helping the planet and your wallet

Day 21 – For Christmas, “Mother Nature” gave the family a Blueland starter kit. The Everyday Clean Kit includes:

As shown on the Blueland website
  1. 3 bottles and 3 tablets (multi-surface, glass & mirror, bathroom)
  2. 1 glass bottle and 1 tablet (foaming hand soap)
  3. 1 silicone shaker and 16oz powder dish soap
  4. 1 steel tablet tin and 40 dishwasher tablets

You might have seen Blueland on Shark Tank. A mom with a mission to eliminate billions of single-use plastic bottles pitched her idea of reusable bottles which could be refilled by adding a cleaning tablet to water. She negotiated with numerous Sharks, but ended up getting a deal with Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary).

The amount of plastic bottles that are wiped out with this purchase of this product is huge! Not to mention the money that will be saved. Each refill is $2 or less and comes in compostable packing.

It doesn’t get much simpler than that; one time purchase of bottles, inexpensive tablets, made from people friendly ingredients and packaged in compostable bags.

We have been enjoying our foaming hand soap, but are using up our current cleaning supplies, before we completely enter the Blueland living. I’ll be sure to report our reviews once we start using the products.

Tomorrow, saying goodbye to the fabric softener sheets.

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