Happy Inauguration Day!

Day 20 – I had another post planned for the day, but it seemed important to celebrate today. Not only is it an important day for the country, but it’s also an important day for the environment. Our newly inaugurated 46th President of the United States, Joseph R. Biden, Jr., has committed to making the environment and climate change a priority during his administration. He plans to address many issues that threaten our planet and take action to improve our current situation.

Here are just a few of the changes we can expect:

Snake River in Grand Teton National Park
  1. Rejoining the International Paris Climate Agreement – working with countries around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions which drives global warning.
  2. Creating a new Cabinet-level position to address climate change – Former Secretary of State John Kerry will be the new climate envoy and have a position on the National Security Council that will report directly to President Biden.
  3.  Permanently protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – Banning new oil and gas permits on public lands and waters, modifying royalties to account for climate costs, and establishing targeted programs to enhance reforestation and develop renewables on federal lands and waters.
  4. Cleaning up the power sector – The Biden-Harris climate plan aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from the power sector to net zero by 2035.
  5. Complete overhaul of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – The former administration’s EPA had reversed or weakened dozens of environmental regulations, including a trio of Obama-era climate policies targeting emissions from vehicles, power plants and oil and gas facilities. Biden is expected to immediately move to restore and strengthen those efforts.

There is a lot of work to be done. However, as I watch the inauguration, I am filled with hope. I am hopeful that this administration will tackle the difficult undertaking of protecting our planet. Their success will be our success.

Let’s do our part to help!

Tomorrow, a product that will help you from ever needing to purchase another cleaning product in a plastic bottle.

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