The Can Crusher: Tons of fun!

Day 7- As a kid, one of the chores was to head to the basement and crush aluminum cans. I can’t say I had a lot of fun doing it, but it did release some pent-up energy, at times. Flash forward about 40 years and the can crusher has once again made an appearance. It’s not the original crusher from my childhood, but it sure looks like the same contraption. I never thought I would have one in my own home, but it’s a hit with the kids!

Once, I started separating the recyclables, I knew I needed a container for aluminum. We don’t consume too many beverages in aluminum cans, but the adults in the house have their share of Pepsi. I thought by crushing the cans, we could utilize the space a bit better.

The cans will be accepted at the Resource Center, along with the other recyclables. However, I have another plan for them. The electrician in the house takes his leftover wire to the local metal recycling center for a pay out based on the weight of the wire. I figured while he was there he could cash in on some aluminum cans. Now, the amount paid for aluminum cans does not come close to what is paid for copper filled wire, but every little helps.

So, the next time you’re thinking about what gift you can give the kids that will bring them tons of fun, consider the can crusher!

Tomorrow we’ll deal with the ever so annoying plastic bag. A thorn in our side since 1959.

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